they were the best but we did it better

I love the issues of Cass wearing Babs’ old uniform, and James Jean’s cover of it :)








Hold me i might faint from amazement

ommmmmmmmmmmmg Annie Wu is my art goddess.

whoa whoa whoa hold up guys. a strong, independant, witty, not over sexualized, WoC superhero???? 

can we say HELL FUCKIN YEH!!!!

This post is making the rounds again for some reason (not complaining). I see new comments akin to “Whoa, is this real?” and “I need this when it comes out!”

Excellent news: It’s a real thing and you can read it! Now! With your eyes! And it’s great! (Can I say that?) All three parts are available digitally, and you might also be able to find it collected in print under BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #18 (from July 2013). As far as I know, the character will be showing up at some point in the current Batman Beyond 2.0 run, so keep an eye on that and ask DC for more if you like Nissa.

AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU? Look at her with her smirky Bat-smirk and Jennifer Connelly eyebrows. Really now.

Here’s another way to read the arc as of today: These issues are collected in the newest Batman Beyond trade paperback. Also, hey, I love you.

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'Robin Rises': Peter J. Tomasi on one-shot, 'Batman and Robin' 33 ›


ahhh interview with Tomasi about Robin Rises and B&R 33 aaahhh


Nightwing #141

I swear to god this is the cutest thing ever.

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And all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”
…and I’ll look down, and whisper “No.”

And Batman will look up, and be like, “No” to my no.
What’s up with that?

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I’m so glad Netflix has Batman Beyond.

so. glad.

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First pass at a Batgirl for Project:Rooftop’s Batgirl Begins Again event! Which YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN TOO because it’s basically BUILD THE BATGIRL YOU WANNA SEE. No rules, only fun.

This is my superhero-y pass, I kinda wanna go for a weirder second pass. AND I DEF HAVE TIME FOR IT because the deadline for submissions is February 28th!

Also P:R is on Tumblr wow hey cool!



I’m definite no one has ever seen this page. it’s from an issue of Batman and Robin Derek and i did with writer Gregg Hurwitz a few years back- right before the new 52 reboot. Damian wanders the mansion at night. i wont post anymore in case one day the issue sees print and not to be spoiled, its fantastically dark story. Hopefully, Gregg and i can get together again soon on something.

speaking of spoilers, check out a preview of our spoiler issue of Batman 28 over here-

comes out today!

Oh, oh no, I want to read this so badly. Fingers crossed we get to see it sometime!

why did DC reboot, why are we denied this, why

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It’s funny because it’s sad and true.

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